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Tantra massage includes various techniques from different type of massage with elements from yoga, bioenergetics, and therapy. The client or the receiver of a tantra massage is not a giver. Their duty is to receive the massage and surrender to the rediscovery of senses feelings and emotions. The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation therapeutic as people come to resolve issues related to relationship issues, self esteem issues including sexual issues. What is Tantric Massage? Tantric massage is a physical act of touch that aims to enlighten those interacting in it, through harnessing sexual energy in the body. It is a sacred practice that originally derived from the ancient tantra teachings, back in medieval India. It is one of the tools used in Tantra to evoke embodied awareness, create connection and achieve enlightenment through touch and breathing. This style of erotic, spiritual massage was then introduced to the Western world toward the end of the 18th century, and saw a huge burst of interest in the 1960’s and 70’s as people began to open their minds more to sexuality. Did you know? – Unlike traditional types of holistic massage, tantric massage can involve nudity and a focus on the penis (known as the ’lingham’ in tantra) or vagina (known as the ‘yoni’ in tantra) to create a full body orgasm experience. In tantric massage, the idea is that the ‘giver’, or masseuse in this case, will focus on giving pleasure to the ‘receiver’ i.e. you. This is very different to many sensual experiences you may have encountered as in this scenario, you will be more concerned with the pleasure you are receiving without attempting to give it back. The idea is to simply lay back and experience the pleasure of the tantric massage as a receiver. Tantric massage is a physical act of touch that aims to enlighten those interacting in it, through harnessing sexual energy in the body. Authentic tantric massage practice uses many techniques such as breathwork and eye gazing, where deep levels of connection are created in a more spiritual aspect. The bottom line is that there is no universally agreed tantric massage definition that describes all types of tantric massage properly. What to expect from a Tantric Massage? Most providers who offer a professional modern tantric massage will incorporate different touch techniques to heighten your sexual arousal. By bringing your arousal levels up and down, your masseuse should take you on a journey of seduction that makes you ride ‘waves of pleasure’. Specifically, the expectation is for the receiver to reach an orgasm at the end of the session through stimulation of the lingham or yoni and body to body massage. Here is a step by step description of what to expect in your tantric massage session: The Tantric Massage Setting In general, the ambiance of the environment you receive your massage in should be calming and relaxing in every respect. The use of natural candles to create serenity along with aromatherapy such as diffusers or oil burners should certainly be expected. Relaxing music is often played to provide a serene audio background and complete the sensory experience. Massage Bed or Massage Table? If you are arranging a tantric massage session from a professional masseuse, you will expect to be lying nude comfortably on either a bed or a massage table. Since this type of erotic massage incorporates full body slide techniques, a bed may be more suitable, as the body slides will require skill and stability for your masseuse. That said, there are some providers who have exceptionally wide and solid massage tables and prefer to use them. Lubrication A wide variety of oils and creams can be used for the massage, depending on your service provider’s preference. In my opinion any type of body massage, should include good quality, hypoallergenic massage oils, preferably heated to remain warm. Sometimes essential oils can also be added into the massage oil mix to include aromatherapy benefits for your session. The Consultation A good tantric masseuse should always provide you with a quick consultation before the massage starts. This is important for both parties to understand what is expected or included in the session so no misunderstandings occur. It also gives a great opportunity to get to know each other and settle any payments before the massage begins. The standard etiquette is that money is exchanged before any massage services are commenced. Preparing The masseuse may ask that you shower before she begins which is standard hygiene practice so do not be offended if this happens. You should also use this opportunity to use the toilet if required. Once you have done so she will ask you to undress and lay in the massage area and the masseuse will prepare to begin the sensual tantric massage. What actually happens in a tantric massage? All providers offer slightly different styles of massage, both in technique and choreography. This is a reflection on the personal preference, creativity and experience of your chosen masseuse. After talking with many tantric masseuses, we can assume the following general idea on what your tantric massage would involve. Grounding Touches For most professional tantric massages, you can expect yourself and your masseuse to be totally nude, however you will usually start by lying face down with a towel over your body. Your masseuse will start with grounding touch movements or presses which are mostly performed with the hands. These are designed to awaken your body through blunt pressure, stretching the muscles and generating blood flow throughout the body. Energy Spread Once the towel is removed, your masseuse will begin to massage the back of your body, using warm oils and her hands moving in a free flowing motion. You will experience a wonderful touch sensation on your back, shoulders, and arms all the way down to your buttocks and rear thighs. Your masseuse will spread her energy is being spread over your body from head to toe, activating your kundalini energy. Erotic Awakening At this point, your masseuse will begin to use other parts of her body to caress and stimulate you. You may feel the soft brush of her pelvis against your leg or her breasts softly moving up and down your back in a rhythmic type fashion very similar to that experienced during sex. All the while, her hands will also be searching and caressing every part of you, edging nearer to your lower buttocks and inner thighs. Turning Over When asked, you will turn over to lay on your back and you pillows should be adjusted to support your head. You are now in a position to expose you rpelvic area to the masseuse and also be able to enjoy the visuals of the massage as she massages you using body to body massage slides.Now you are facing your masseuse, expect lots of eye gazing which will create a very erotic and deep connection. The Lingham or Yoni Massage Even though the genital area would have already received some stimulation, especially around the perineum, the massage will increasingly now focus more on the lingham or yoni. Touch techniques that focus on different parts of the genitals will be performed in order to build up your arousal and ‘energise’ your erogenous zone. These may be sensations that you have never felt before and can be extremely pleasurable! Energy Release Authentic tantric practitioners would hope to achieve a full body orgasm that does not include physical ejaculation, however in modern tantric sessions this is not generally the case. The energy release is certainly included in a modern tantric massage and should be expected unless stated otherwise. As you would have been riding ‘waves of pleasure’ throughout the massage, this should be a very intense climax indeed. Cool Down Once you have achieved climax, the sensations of touch you feel will be much softer as your body will be in a very sensitive state. At this point your masseuse should leave you in a place of peace and bliss, to bring you back down to reality and close off the session. Many masseuses will incorporate hot towels to rub your body down and remove oils as you relax. Note: Some tantric practitioners may choose to offer more heightened levels of service that may include more advanced sexual aspects to their massage but that is not within the usual boundaries of a tantric session. Sexual services such as this should not be expected and certainly be discussed with your provider prior to your massage taking place. Benefits of Tantric Massage Tantric massage can offer many benefits to those who see to engage in it. It’s important to note that Tantric massage evokes sexual energies to promote healing and wellbeing in all areas of life rather than merely giving pleasure and orgasm. Sexual energy is an incredibly powerful force, and tantric massage is one of the easiest ways to harness it to become more relaxed, confident, both sexually and emotionally. Some of the key benefits of tantric massage are: Release sexual and mental tensions Amend emotional balance & healing of trauma Rectify issues with premature ejaculation and orgasm control Overcoming erectile dysfunction Raising confidence Becoming self aware Revitalising stagnant relationships

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